Speaker Bio

Panel—AAWIL Diversity in Careers
Workshop—The Top 5 Habits & Skills of Improvisers: How to Make Them Your Best Advantage When Navigating the Unknown


Courtney Pong

As a professional improviser for over 18 years, Courtney has led team building workshops and provided entertainment and entertainment programming for Fortune 500 companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, Brocade, Cisco Systems, eBay, PayPal, Nike, Intel, HP and Adobe.

Since 2001, she has been a performer and educator with CSz Worldwide, which is home to the award-winning, competitive improv show, ComedySportz, performed in 30 cities across the US and Europe.

Prior to her move to Boston, she spent 15 years with CSz San Jose, one of CSz Worldwide’s longest-running operating locations with over 6,000 performances.

Courtney hails from San Francisco, as a seasoned high tech and digital health communicator, with a focus on corporate wellness programs and employee engagement. She holds over a decade of experience in communication, public relations, analyst relations, social media and marketing.

In Silicon Valley, Pong utilized her depth of experience in team building, collaboration and applied improv to build fun, communicative and connected teams. She’s the world’s okayest runner and rock climber, nearsighted and dust intolerant.